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New Course: Making Design History & Theory Fun

Welcome from Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form by Dave Schultze

Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form is an innovative new one-hour course that offers a refreshing take on design history, theory, and insights. Author Dave Schultze demystifies a variety of 2D and 3D design principles, and then provides real-world examples of what works — or doesn’t work — and why.

The material is presented in an engaging and sometimes irreverent manner with images, videos, and personal stories from Dave. Check out this fast-paced tour as it covers topics ranging from grids and axes to designing with humor.

Team from LinkedIn Learning, left to right: Josh Figatner (Director) Adam Slomiak (Asst. Producer) Jerica Vina Monte-Alegre (Teleprompter) Dave Schultze (Author) and Stephen Spencer (producer.) Special thanks to Linda Selheim for the idea and inspiration. Thanks also to Brian Jepson for continued support. 


Number One Novedge Webinar: Killer Rendering Tips for V-Ray and Rhino

novedge-logoDave Schultze is proud to announce that his video tutorial, ‘Killer Rendering Tips for V-Ray and Rhino‘ is now the #1 webinar of all-time for Originally recorded in December 2014, the webinar has been viewed by more people than all of the other 203 webinars produced to date.

“Dave’s tips and tricks will not just improve your skill, but foster your inspiration,”  stated Barbra D’Aloisio, the Novedge Marketing and Social Media Manager. “One thing is knowing the software, another thing is to be able to deliver this knowledge. That is when you know you met a great teacher. ”

Novedge is a leading online software store for design professionals. They have been helping designers get better with their digital tools since their first webinar was released in 2010. You can check out the full list of all 203 webinars at the Novedge Webinar directory.

Dave Schultze is an award-winning industrial designer and founder of schultzeworks designstudio. He has been teaching 3D visualization at OTIS College of Art and Design since 2000 and has authored nine courses for Dave also offers Rhino and V-Ray training for corporate clients, groups, and individuals. To get in touch, visit the training page at Dave’s Professor3d website.

0 Animation Course has Fantastic Start

In its first week of release, the course “Animation with Rhino and Bongo” is going crazy! Its the best launch of any Rhino course I have done for So far, over 600 people in 56 countries have seen it. That is A LOT for a two-hour & 30-minute commitment.

If you don’t have a account, you can still preview 10% of any course. If you would like to join, it’s only $25 / month or unlimited viewing. Here’s a link for a free 10-day trial. Nice!

Now under development, the next course will be quite a bit different. It’s a new ‘mini-course’ format, where the work is focused on a single project and is completed in less than one hour. The goal is to let people ‘jump in & out’ and be able to finish it during a lunch hour. Stay tuned.


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