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Some cool stuff that was created by Professor 3D @ SchultzeWORKS. Nice.

All work shown here is professional work done by Dave Schultze of SchultzeWORKS designstudio. He is the polygonal dude on the top site banner who is not a penguin. If you need industrial design or visualization services, check out the designstudio website.
All of these design projects have been created using the following digital tools:

  • Rhino 5: 3D modelling by McNeel
  • V-Ray 2: 3d rendering by Chaos Group, Rhino plug-in
  • Bongo 2: 3D animation, Rhino plug-in by McNeel
  • Photoshop CC: Image editing by Adobe


Luna Robot

The world’s first affordable personal telepresence robot.


Triple Flip Cell Phone

A pure research project for LG. The best of analog and digital.

Philco PC

An original computer design with a historical spin, inspired by the 1950’s TV design classic.

AirThere Chair

Inspired by aircraft, small rooms look bigger with a view through and under the seat.


Kinsa Smart Thermometer

The world’s first smart thermometer with app-driven social connectivity.


My First Microscope

Designed to introduce toddlers to the world of science in a friendly & fun manner.


Roto:Retro Cell Phone

LG Design Challenge Winner

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