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Online Rhino course hits one million views. Wow.


Celebrities in major metropolitan areas joined in the nationwide celebration for Dave Schultze and his recent educational accomplishment. Many parades were planned, but most people stayed home to watch Rhino training videos.

Dave Schultze is proud to announce one of his Lynda.com + LinkedIn Learning courses has hit a staggering one million views! The online course, ‘Rhino 5 Essential Training,’ was released in November 2013 and has hit the 1,000,000 mark in only three years.

rhino-5-260“Over the last few years, Dave and I have worked together on a number of Rhino courses including Rhino 5 Essential Training, which has been one of our top performing CAD courses for a number of years,” reported James Fritz, the Senior Manager at Lynda.com + LinkedIn Learning. “This outstanding course has been used by countless professionals, students, and educational institutions worldwide. Congrats to Dave on reaching 1 million views. I can’t wait to see what amazing training he creates next.”

This was Dave’s second course. He has since authored ten courses for Lynda.com + LinkedIn Learning, focused in the area of 3D modelling, rendering, and animation. The entire training library now has over 5,000 courses. If you’re not a member, try it out for 10-days free.


lynda.com Animation Course has Fantastic Start

In its first week of release, the course “Animation with Rhino and Bongo” is going crazy! Its the best launch of any Rhino course I have done for lynda.com. So far, over 600 people in 56 countries have seen it. That is A LOT for a two-hour & 30-minute commitment.

If you don’t have a lynda.com account, you can still preview 10% of any course. If you would like to join, it’s only $25 / month or unlimited viewing. Here’s a link for a free 10-day trial. Nice!

Now under development, the next course will be quite a bit different. It’s a new ‘mini-course’ format, where the work is focused on a single project and is completed in less than one hour. The goal is to let people ‘jump in & out’ and be able to finish it during a lunch hour. Stay tuned.


New! Architectural Rendering Course at lynda.com

Dave Schultze is proud to announce the release of his fifth online course for lynda.com, ‘Architectural Rendering with Rhino and V-Ray.’ Running 3 hours and 53 minutes, the course focuses on making amazing images with popular 3D software tools Rhino 5 and V-Ray 2. Using Dave’s original retro building design called the ‘Zoomerang Pavilion,’ Dave shares tips and tricks for creating world-class architectural renderings. In the course, students learn techniques suited for both beginners and experts working in 3D architectural visualization.

Topics range from rendering interiors and exteriors, daytime and nighttime images, working with a wide variety of materials, and methods for enhancing visuals with people, trees, grass, and dramatic sky backgrounds. Making this course especially valuable is the unique partnership with four world class content providers. These four companies, listed below, helped author Dave take the course to the next level.

  • VIZ people, provided several high resolution skies for scene lighting and backgrounds
  • Dosch Design, provided trees and several architectural materials
  • Speed Tree, provided one of their amazingly detailed trees, used in movies and video games worldwide
  • AXYZ Design, provided four of their 3D people products for flawless images at any angle or distance.

“Using the best assets on the planet is such a huge win for the students,” said Author Dave Schultze, “but I am even more thrilled that these four also agreed to give their products away to anyone with a premium account. That just doesn’t happen with other courses.”

Those interested in previewing the course — or any of the other 3,000+ courses on lynda.com — are invited to a free 10-day trial.


One Year Later: Rhino 5 Course at lynda.com hits 11,000 Viewers

rhino-5-300Over 11,000 people have now seen the ‘Rhino 5 Essential Training‘ course at www.Lynda.com. Launched one year ago, students from 98 countries have enjoyed learning Rhino from award-winning designer and educator Dave Schultze.

James Fritz, lynda.com Lead Content Manager marked the milestone, “I am incredibly proud to see Dave’s Rhino 5 course become so successful. When you combine the raw power of Rhino, Dave’s innovative teaching style, and toss in funny, but beautiful assets, you have a recipe for a successful course.”

In addition to the Rhino 5 course, Dave has also authored four other courses on Rhino and the V-Ray rendering plug-in, with more coming soon. His personal instructional website, Professor3d.com, is loaded with even more free videos and designer resources.


New Grasshopper course at lynda.com

Hey, there is a new Rhino-related course at lynda.com and I didn’t do it! Even so, I found it excellent. This one was written by Chris Reilly and he really know his stuff.

Grasshopper—a plugin for the Rhinoceros 3D modeling package—is a graphical algorithm editor that takes advantage of Rhino’s existing tools. Grasshopper offers new ways to expand and control the 3D design and modeling processes, including automating repetitive processes; generating geometry through mathematical functions; quickly making changes to complex models; and creating complex forms through repetitions of simple geometry.



New Rendering Course at Lynda.com

The first rendering course by Professor Dave is now online at Lynda.com. Titled ‘Rendering Fundamentals with Rhino and V-Ray,‘ the 3-hour course is a thorough and fun introduction to the art and science of 3D rendering. In its first month of release, it had already been watched by over 500 people in 90 countries.


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