Professor 3D Testimonials

All quotes are from real people, not the weird icons used.

Fantastic course! This is is one of the best I have seen on so far. Schultze is perfect – interesting, good grasp of the material, clear, and a good balance of the big picture down to functional details. You should add more Rhino courses, but — definitely more courses from Schultze!

– Student from course “Rhino 4 Essential Training”

I have struggled to achieve good results with V-Ray despite many hours making adjustments to the settings. This course clearly explained the overall strategy needed to produce great results very quickly – I can now produce fantastic renders and my productivity has greatly increased. 

– Student from course “Rendering Fundamentals with Rhino and V-Ray”

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The course is very easy and the sequence of the lectures are outstanding. It helped me a lot to understand Rhino in 3 weeks, which is pretty impressive for me. Keep it up and — thank you Dave for the wonderful tutorials.

– Student from course “Rhino 5 Essential Training”

Great Course. I’d have loved a little bit more details on the materials but, over all, wonderful work. Thank you.

– Student from course “Architectural Rendering with Rhino and V-Ray”

Thanks for the class! I’ve been trying to get this type of training for almost ten years.

– Student from Corporate On-Site Training at Mattel

The tips and tricks are super helpful. It’s why I signed up for the class. They will make Rhino work faster for me … so thanks for those.

– Student from Corporate On-Site Training at Mattel

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