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Building a ‘Horseshoe Spaceship’

Rhino’s most powerful organic modeling command, the Surface-from-Curve-Network, is also the hardest to master. With a few simple Dave Tips, we build a the ‘Horseshoe Spaceship.’

Run time = 13:30.

Scanning 101

This video covers some critical, yet super simple strategies for using sketches in your presentations. These tips will then focus attention on your design ideas — and not the fuzzy background!

Run time = 05:56.


Rhino Screen Capture Strategies

Make nice images before you are ready to render. Using some simple settings, you can make clean & punchy screen captures to document your progress or share your work with others.

Run time = 07:41.


V-Ray: Seven Common Problems and Fixes

Got problems or general weirdness with V-Ray? These top seven tips and fixes should solve just about every problem or confusion you will ever encounter.

Run time = 13:02.


Offset Curve Dave Hack

Learn a great ‘hack-nique’ for off-setting clean curves with equally clean new curves, as opposed to the usual complicated mess. These cleaner curves will make a huge difference in creating higher quality organic surfaces.

Run time = 04:36.

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 3)

Create a 360 degree, turntable rotation for your design. This final video focuses on setting up After Effects to match your bongo animation settings, importing your sequence, and other excellent workflow tips.

Run time = 08:26.

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 2)

Create a 360 degree, turntable rotation for your design. Requires the Bongo plug-in by McNeel. This video focuses on getting the best camera view and settings for generating a sequence of stills.

Run time = 07:10.

Turntable Animation with Bongo (Part 1)

Create a 360 degree, turntable rotation for your design. Requires the Bongo plug-in by McNeel. This video focuses on activating Bongo, using the proxy point, and then creating key-frame based animation.

Run time = 10:23.


Wing or Flipper?

Can you build a simple and streamlined wing form with three curves? Yes, and the process may surprise you! It did for me.

Run time = 08:45.

Hoses, Pipes, and Ducting Techniques

Need spare parts for your steampunk robot or time machine? We got you covered with three killer tips for making quick and easy machinery parts.

Run time = 13:58.


Make a gear in Rhino, Part 1

Make quick and accurate 2D gears in Rhino 5 using Professor ‘3D’ Dave’s handy tips and techniques. This is part 1 of 2, focusing on the 2D curve construction.

Run time = 6:10.


Make a gear in Rhino, Part 2

This is part 2 of 2, focusing on taking the curves we created in Part 1 and making the final 3D part. Use these ‘Dave Tips’ to make objects fast, clean with no naked edges, and have error-free fillets.

Run time = 8:25.


Compositing with Rhino, V-Ray, and Photoshop

Using the alpha channels option with V-Ray materials, you can replace backgrounds easily in Photoshop and make your renderings POP! This video uses Rhino 5, V-Ray 2, and Photoshop.

Run time = 7:42.

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