August 15, 2011
Blog Post

Feature Sneak Peek for the Next V-Ray for Rhino

As one of the V-Ray beta testers, I was not allowed to discuss some of these features until the were recently publicized by Chaos Group. Of all the new features, the RT (Real Time) feature is my favorite. It leverages the GPU as an additional rendering processors, which not only give you faster renders, but REAL TIME previews of all of the stuff you usually have to wait for: materials, reflections, shadows, highlights. Now you can see your rendered scene almost instantly, and move things around until it is perfect.

Why is this cool? You are probably aware that the fastest CPUs have 4 or 6 cores, which is how render engines like V-Ray do their calculations. What you might not know is that some video cards have HUNDREDS of processors, called GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) which can now be used for render calculations. It’s a game changer … and super cool to boot.

NOTE: The video was removed by Chaos Group and I was informed that the RT feature is definitely planned, but not yet working with the GPU.