July 7, 2015
Blog Post

New V-Ray Service Release #3

Just released: A new V-Ray for Rhino 2.00 update is available for download. The build number is 2.00.25962 & dated 30 June 2015. It includes some important bug fixes and changes to the plugin:

• An issue with Material updates is now fixed.
• Material previews in “Rendered” display mode are now faster.
• Improved stability when detaching from a work session.
• Fixed VFB and mouse freeze.
• Removed bug which led to large files crashing BatchRender.
• File loading is optimized and much faster.
• V-Ray displacement uses less memory and is faster.
• Added support for HDRLS 5. Painting lights in a scene is easier than ever. Support for HDRLS 4.0 is still available.
• Newly optimized “ignore objects” code to improve diamond rendering.


Download it from ChaosGroup downloads. You need to be logged in and have an account, but it’s free for registered owners.