Design Competitions

How good are you? Try one and find out.

Index of Competitions via Website Listings


Desall is a crowdsourcing design contest platform that connects companies and private clients with a worldwide community of creative talents.


Delivering design related news, events, competitions, and resources. Also provides a design directory, database, agenda and weekly newsletter.

Core 77

Core77 provides a gathering point for designers and enthusiasts alike by producing design competitions, lecture series, parties, and exhibits.


Covering the fields of art, design, and architecture.


The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design is a global not-for-profit organization that promotes better design around the world.

Index of Regularly Scheduled Competitions

Red Dot Design Award

The international ‘red dot design award’ is among the largest design competitions in the world, with three categories: product, communication, and concept design. The award-winning products are then palced in the red dot design museum.

International Design Awards

IDA exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in architecture and interior, fashion, product, graphic and fashion design.

Spark Design Awards

Spark was created to promote great design and designers. They invite everyone to participate — designers, art directors, architects, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies, students and novices may enter Spark Design Awards.

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