October 29, 2015

New course at lynda.com: Building a Game Controller

Dave ‘Professor3D’ Schultze is proud to announce the release of his eighth online course for lynda.com, ‘Rhino Projects: Building a Gaming Controller.’ Running 1 hours and 8 minutes, this course is a brand new ‘lunch-hour / project-format’ designed by the educational gurus at lynda.com to be watched in one sitting.

In this 10-video course, the focus is on organic modelling, with fully half of the course devoted to mastering the powerful surface-from-curve-network command. The second half of the course covers every UI control you would expect: joysticks, buttons, triggers, a D-pad, and then wraps up with two killer tips for generating parting lines.

Those interested in previewing the course — or any of the other 4,000+ courses on lynda.com — are invited to a free 10-day trial. Free? You bet your sweet little penguin. If you like this course, here’s a link to the full list of eight lynda courses by Professor 3Dave. You need to be a member to watch the whole course, but the first video [seen above] is free for previewing. If you join, lynda.com is only $25 per month and you can cancel anytime.