October 2, 2017

New Course: Making Design History & Theory Fun

by Dave Schultze on October 2, 2017 in blog, news

Welcome from Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form by Dave Schultze

Design Foundation 3D: Shape and Form is an innovative new one-hour course that offers a refreshing take on design history, theory, and insights. Author Dave Schultze demystifies a variety of 2D and 3D design principles, and then provides real-world examples of what works — or doesn’t work — and why.

The material is presented in an engaging and sometimes irreverent manner with images, videos, and personal stories from Dave. Check out this fast-paced tour as it covers topics ranging from grids and axes to designing with humor.

Team from LinkedIn Learning, left to right: Josh Figatner (Director) Adam Slomiak (Asst. Producer) Jerica Vina Monte-Alegre (Teleprompter) Dave Schultze (Author) and Stephen Spencer (producer.) Special thanks to Linda Selheim for the idea and inspiration. Thanks also to Brian Jepson for continued support.